A brief introduction to high temperature resistant wires

- Nov 01, 2019-

The high temperature wire is made of high temperature resistant and high strength type and processed by special process. The main features are high temperature resistance, insulation, fire retardant, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, high strength, high modulus, antistatic, and smooth appearance.

There are many kinds of high temperature wires, commonly used fluoroplastic insulated high temperature wire, silicone rubber insulated high temperature wire, silicone rubber insulated braided wire, multi-core high temperature cable wire, mineral insulated fire-resistant cable, high temperature electronic wire, Teflon wire, aircraft wax line , nylon sheathed wire, Teflon high voltage wire, silicone rubber high voltage wire and mica high temperature wire. Its product characteristics are rated voltage 600V, available at -65 ~ +200 ° C operating temperature, the conductor is a solid core or stranded silver-plated copper wire, is insulated for FEP Teflon, its color is a variety of red / yellow / blue / white / black / yellow green / brown and so on.

The high temperature line generally has two kinds of materials, one is: silicone rubber, the soft performance is better; the other is: Teflon material (that is, polyfluorotetraethylene), the Teflon material is relatively hard.

Silicone rubber can be applied to electrical wiring installations with AC rated voltages of 500 volts or less. It is widely used in electric heating appliances, paint booths, lighting fixtures and household appliances.

Teflon materials can be used in instrumentation, aerospace, electric smelting, chemical, ship, vehicle, food machinery, household appliances, drying rooms and so on.