Analysis of Why High-temperature Wire Conductors Choose Stranded Conductors

- Dec 25, 2019-

It is believed that many customers will encounter the problem of conductor structure when purchasing high temperature wires, because the wire conductors of the same AWG specification will have different structures. For example, the AWG22 conductor structure can be 1 / 0.65mm, 7 / 0.254mm or 19 / 0.15mm, the conductor structure of high-temperature wires can be single-stranded wires or multi-stranded wires, but multi-stranded wires are commonly used.

The analysis of the characteristics of stranded conductors is mainly from the electrical and physical properties. There are three specific aspects:

1. Good softness

Because the high temperature wire is used in different occasions, the current carrying capacity is different, and the cross section of the wire is also large or small. As the cross section of the wire increases, the diameter of the wire also increases, making it difficult to bend the wire. If multiple single wires with small diameters are used Twisting together can improve the bending ability of the wire and facilitate the processing and manufacturing of high-temperature wires.

2. Good stability

The stranded cores of a plurality of single wires are twisted according to a certain direction and a certain rule. Because the position of each single wire in the strand is alternately located in the extension area at the upper part of the strand and the compression area at the bottom of the strand, when When the two ends of the wire are bent downward, the elongation and compression forces of each single wire are equal, and the single wire will not be stretched and compressed, and the twisted wire will not be deformed. If a plurality of single wires are not twisted but combined in parallel into a wire harness, when the wire harness is bent, the upper single wire is embedded in the wire harness, and the lower single wire is also compressed toward the center of the wire harness due to a change in length, which changes the shape of the wire harness.

3.Good reliability

Using single wire as the conductor of high temperature wire, it is susceptible to the non-uniformity of the material or the defects generated during manufacturing, which affect the reliability of a single conductive wire core. With multiple single wire twisted cores, such defects can be dispersed. Will focus on a certain point of the wire, the reliability of the wire is much stronger, this situation is especially obvious at the joint of the wire.

4.High intensity

Compared with a single strand of the same cross-section size, the strength of the stranded wire is higher than that of a single strand of the same cross-section.

The selection of twisted conductors for high-temperature wires not only increases the flexibility of the wires, but also increases the strength of the wires. The more a single branch wire, the stronger the flexibility. However, in actual applications, different choices should be made according to the use environment of the high-temperature wires. Stranded conductors, or some special use