Application of customized cables

- Mar 29, 2019-

Customized cables belong to the majority of electric equipment cables, which are also common. Electrical equipment cables can be divided into wiring cables, cables for electrical installation, computer control cables, control cables, cables for transportation equipment, cables for aerospace equipment, mining cables and signal cables. Due to its special service environment and harsh requirements, the development of customized cables is also accelerating year by year, with higher requirements, longer service life and stronger functions. 


With the progress of The Times, the requirements for manufacturing are becoming higher and higher, and more and more detailed. All countries in the world are competing to develop high-speed and efficient industries related to robotics and industrial automation. We often hear of 4.0 means the fourth industrial revolution, it includes three topics: one is "smart factory", the other is "smart" production, three is a "smart logistics", break the industry boundary integration adjustment for high speed, high efficiency, high precision requirements, the electrical equipment industry put forward higher request, therefore customized cable also needs to be constantly developed and improved.