Cable production

- Jan 02, 2018-

Conductor: Multi-stranded tinned copper wire, strong corrosion resistance

Insulation: special hard heat-resistant flame-retardant PVC/TPE insulation, PE/TPE for twisted pair

Color: ≤0.5mm2 color logo, brown, black, blue, purple, pink, orange>0.5mm2 black digital white number (the color of the twisted pair is red, blue)

Inner shielding: aluminum foil, mering wrap, braided shield, tinned copper mesh

Drain line: (optional) Drainage effect with the same size as the conductor, convenient for wire harness shielding processing.

Cable: Optimize the cable twist pitch (red and blue twist).

Shield: bare copper wire or tinned copper wire braided shield (optional), density above 85%

Sheath: special modified oil-proof and heat-resistant flame-retardant PVC sheath, passed VW-1 flame retardant test, black (RAL9005)