Do you understand the UL2517 flexible power line used by robots

- Aug 30, 2019-

The ul2517 is a flexible power line used for servo encoders, automation equipment, cranes, logistics and storage equipment, and mechanical equipment that needs to be moved back and forth. Its bending resistance can be up to 10 million times. 


Ul2517 product structure:

Conductor: conductors shall be single or stranded with a minimum of 40AWG of tinned or bare copper wire.

Insulation: PVC insulation is used for insulation.

Color code: any color is optional.

Core structure: layered structure.

Shield: can shield, plated tin wire weaving.

Jacket material: mix 80 degree heat and flame retardant PVC, pass vw-1 flame retardant test standard.

Ul2517 performance requirements:

Properties: good heat resistance, flame retardant and cold resistance.Able to withstand external mechanical forces and wear resistance.Shielding anti-interference features.

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