Features and applications of silicone wire

- Jan 23, 2020-

Silicone wire is made of high-quality silicone rubber and high-purity tinned copper stranded wire. It has excellent high and low temperature resistance and excellent electrical insulation performance, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, long service life, and soft and easy to install.

The rated temperature of the silicone wire is relatively high, which can basically reach 200 ° C. Silicone is used as the insulating material, and the insulation thickness is uniform, which is convenient for peeling and cutting. Taking the UL3122 produced by Dongguan Qinda Wire as an example, the rated temperature is 200 ° C and the rated voltage is 300V AC voltage. It is mainly used in electrical connections between mobile electrical equipment such as power generation, metallurgy, and chemical industries. Wiring in high-temperature places such as machinery, electrical installation, industrial equipment, electric heating products, etc., and inside microwave ovens, fax machines, printers, copiers, scanners and other equipment, connecting wires and instruments, motor leads and electronics, gas appliances High temperature environment.