FEP, PFA related knowledge in wire and cable

- Nov 23, 2019-

1, FEP knowledge

FEP is a heterogeneous molecular compound synthesized by TFE and a hexachloro compound and belongs to the thermoplastic. Applied in the market in 1960, the operating temperature is 400 ° C, but there is a suitable high temperature resistance to soldering iron, some media characteristics and TFE similar. Ex: high dielectric strength, flame resistance, resistivity greater than 1018 ohm-cm, surface impedance coefficient greater than 1016, dielectric constant 2.1 (from 102 to 107 Hz), frequency increased to 1010 Hz, will slightly decrease 3% dissipation factor Due to the influence of frequency, it is more widely used than TFE because it is suitable for long distances and the unit price is more competitive. It is much better than PTFE processing performance and can be hot extruded.

2, PFA knowledge

DuPont was successfully developed in 1972. Due to its non-activating properties, it has good heat resistance. Excellent electrical properties can be used at higher operating temperatures. It has good flame resistance. Thermoplastics, although like TFE The grade is resistant, but the damage caused by the soldering iron is unavoidable. The PFA can be applied to any standard copper, tin, silver, nickel, etc. The dielectric constant of 2.1 can also make the coaxial line the thinnest, with elasticity and viscosity, high stress, bending resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, and a clear melting point called meltable polytetrafluoroethylene.