How to choose a good Teflon wire manufacturer

- Jan 14, 2020-

At present, there are no less than 10 million Teflon wire manufacturers on the market? So how should we select good manufacturers from them? Teflon wire manufacturers support you:

First of all, a good Teflon wire manufacturer must be certified. At present, the certification of Teflon wire is only UL and VDE. A good and qualified Teflon wire manufacturer must have one of the certifications, otherwise, it is an unlicensed manufacturer and the quality cannot be trusted.

Second, a good Teflon wire manufacturer, in addition to the Teflon wire product itself has certification, the company's own certification must also be complete. Including ISO certification, environmental Rohs certification, and other certifications related to quality and safety.

Third, good Teflon wire manufacturers, for wire products, must have a complete set of safety testing systems (from raw materials to finished products), including environmental protection testing, wire withstand voltage test, etc.

Fourth, a good Teflon wire manufacturer, from the quality of the products to packaging, are in compliance with specifications. The outsourcing is intact, the labels are complete, the quality is qualified, and there is no shortage of two.