How to properly store and transport high temperature wires

- Jan 08, 2020-

Although the high temperature wire is more “stronger” than some other soft things from the appearance, many things are often a strong heart hidden under the strong appearance. Neither the insulation sheath of the high temperature wire nor the conductor copper wire For any kind of injury, in order to better ensure that the high-temperature line performance is intact, I will share with you how to properly store and transport the high-temperature line.

First, high temperature line storage:

1. Separated from corrosive substances and strictly prohibited from contact with acids, alkalis and mineral oils;

2. There must be no harmful gas in the warehouse where high-temperature wires are stored, which can damage the insulation and corrode metals;

3. As far as possible, avoid storing high-temperature wires in an open way in an open place, and the wire coil is not allowed to lay flat;

4. During the storage period, it should be rolled regularly (once every 3 months in summer, other seasons can be postponed as appropriate) As you roll, turn the side of the storage tray downwards to prevent the bottom from rotting. When storing, pay attention to whether the wire head is intact;

5. The storage period is limited to the product ex-factory period, and generally should not exceed one and a half years, and the longest should not exceed two years;

2. High-temperature line transportation:

1. It is strictly forbidden to drop wires or wire reels equipped with high temperature wires from high places during transportation, especially at lower temperatures (generally around 5 ° C and below). Throwing or dropping wires may cause cracking of the insulation and sheath. ;

2. When lifting packages, do not lift several plates at the same time. On vehicles, ships, and other means of transportation, the wire reels must be fixed with appropriate methods to prevent collision or overturning to prevent mechanical damage to the wires.