How to store UL electronic wires?

- Mar 22, 2019-

UL electronic wire is commonly used for weak current engineering, such as electronic, electrical equipment internal wiring, UL electronic wire plays an important role in our life, so how should UL electronic wire be stored reasonably?


The electronic wires are laid directly in the underground trench, and this environment is the least controlled.The installation should be regularly checked for dryness or moisture.If the wire and cable are to be stored for a long time, the following considerations shall be taken according to the location of the wire and cable:

1. Suspension application/aerial cable.

Considering the droop and pressure of the cable, which kind of binding mode is adopted, whether the wire and cable are directly exposed to sunlight.

2, in the pipe (plastic or metal).

If in piping, pay attention to the damage of plastic piping and the heat conduction of metal piping.

3. Outer wall.

Avoid direct sunlight and artificial damage to the wall.

4. Under the eaves.

Standard LAN cables can be used only if they are not directly exposed to sunlight or ultra-high temperatures. Piping is recommended.