How to test quality of UL electronic wires?

- Mar 21, 2019-

UL electronic wire has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, etc.Excellent insulation mechanical properties, bright color, good performance, safe use and other characteristics.So how do you detect the quality of UL wires? 


1.Measure the length. 

The delivery length of electronic wire and cable is clearly stipulated in the national standard, the length of the looping shall be 100m, and the length of the looping shall be greater than 100m. Consumers can measure the length according to the length marked on the label. According to the standard, the length error shall not exceed 0.5% of the total length.The length of the electronic wire coil is 610m/ coil, and each label is noted. 


2. Observe the line finish and color. 

The copper conductor of the electronic wire cable is annealed copper wire with or without gold plating, and the aluminum conductor is aluminum or aluminum alloy wire with bright and clean surface. The copper conductor is light purple, and the aluminum conductor is silver white. 


3. Measure dc resistance. 

In order to ensure the quality of the purchased electronic wire is qualified, we can first intercept 3-5 meters from the product to be purchased to the inspection institution for dc resistance measurement. 


4. Test insulation and sheath. 

Electronic wire insulation and sheath thickness should be uniform without deviation, the hand should have obvious tension and elongation.At the same time, the insulation and sheath surface should be the name of the manufacturer, product model continuous printing logo, logo interval: insulation not more than 200mm, sheath not more than 500mm. 


The appeal is to identify the quality of UL electronic wire four simple methods, UL electronic wire is mainly used in household appliances, lighting, electronic equipment, instrumentation, electronic toys, security equipment and other connecting wire.


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