Is the cable as soft as possible?

- Sep 19, 2019-

High-performance industrial tow-chain cable has been widely used in the field of industrial automation and intelligence. But a lot of people think that the softer the cable, the better, really?


In fact, such absolute description is wrong, can meet the actual conditions of use is the best. Relate to the cable feel of soft and hard, more than 70% and copper conductor, about 30% and used insulating materials and manufacturing. The conductor used in tow-chain cable must have a high demand for toughness, because the cable is in a dynamic working environment. Generally speaking, the thinner a conductor is, the softer it is, and the more flexible it is. But this is limited, because it also requires a strong mechanical fatigue strength requirements.

In addition to the conductor, the tow-chain cable because of the choice of twisted pitch and other materials are more special, so the hand will not be very soft. If the conductor blindly pursue refinement, the cable in use will produce copper wire winding phenomenon, conductor in the process of work is easy to break. And the conductor is too thin, its tensile strength will be reduced, light and affect the use of the cable effect, heavy cable copper wire fracture serious, direct scrap.