Radiation crosslinked wire and cable

- Mar 27, 2019-

Electric wire and cable industry is a very important part of mechanical and electronic industry. Electric wires and cables are the essential components for transmitting electric energy, transmitting information and manufacturing various electric appliances and instruments. They are the basic products of electrification and informatization. 

With the demand of modern development of society and city, no matter in microelectronics, home appliances, automobile, aviation, communication, electric power and other systems, or in the field of transportation and construction, the electric wires and cables are constantly put forward higher requirements, such as temperature resistance, environmental aging resistance, and cracking resistance, so as to improve the reliability and safety of product operation. This is the conventional wire and cable can not meet, wire and cable insulation crosslinking modification can greatly improve the wire and cable working temperature, solvent resistance, environmental aging resistance, cracking resistance and other properties. Such as polyethylene (PE) common insulated wire and cable, because the insulation is linear polymers, the melt temperature limit, can only be used under 70 ℃ occasions, solvent resistance, cracking resistance is poor. If the insulation forms a crosslinked structure, the performance will be improved significantly, and the temperature resistance and chemical reagent resistance will be improved. Usually in 70-90 ℃ to soften, PE melt flow in 110-125 ℃ and after cross-linking PE even at 250 ℃ still will not change shape.