Servo cable product features

- Nov 30, 2017-

(1) Anti-high-frequency heat loss: high-quality and high-purity copper material ensures the minimum high-frequency heat loss and the best conduction.

(2) High-frequency response: high-quality ultra-soft copper wire, stranded to ensure the minimum radial loss of high-frequency signal, the highest surface transmission ratio, and obtain excellent high-frequency response characteristics.

(3) Anti-crosstalk characteristics: Each pair of signal loop cores are double-paired, and the twist pitch is reasonably set and staggered to ensure minimum crosstalk interference.

(4) Anti-interference characteristics: shielded structure of high-density mesh copper-clad cable, fine-grained, high-conductivity, high-resistance shielded tinned copper wire shielded by maximum absorption and fastest conduction Filter interference to minimize interference from transmitted signals.

(5) High flexibility, waterproof, anti-corrosion, oil resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance, weather resistance, long life: thin and soft multi-strand copper wire is not easy to break or puncture the outer sheath, multi-strand fiber filling rope to ensure cable rounding To improve the cable's tensile and anti-sway properties, the high-quality outer sheath material ensures the unique performance of the cable.

(6) Low attenuation and delay over long distances: ultra-fine multi-strand core wire and its twisted structure, excellent high-frequency response characteristics, and extremely low-frequency response heat loss, ensuring signal attenuation and minimum delay.

(7) Environmental protection standards: High-quality raw materials processing has no recycled materials and strict raw materials to ensure compliance with environmental standards.