Sheath line use

- Feb 25, 2019-

Due to the renovation of the home now, the line pipe is generally used, and then three copper wires (fire wire, neutral wire, ground wire) are used to pass through the pipe. But the sheathed wire is much safer than ordinary wires, so it is still useful in home renovation in the construction sector. The sheathed cable is the power cord used in the past. In the previous home decoration, the sheathed cable was used as the lighting and power cable; it can be directly buried in the wall or fixed on the wall. The utility model has the advantages that the threading pipe or the threading groove can be omitted, and the outer layer of the sheath insulation is replaced, the laying is convenient, fast, the appearance is good, the use is safe, and the best choice for connecting the household mobile plug-in board, the refrigerator or the air conditioner and the like.