Talking about extremely thin coaxial cable wires

- Jan 02, 2020-

The initial development and application of ultra-thin coaxial wires is in line with the trend of miniaturization and lightweight of communication products. The miniaturization of terminal products also requires the synchronization of production accessories, so the emergence of ultra-thin coaxial lines is essential for miniature data transmission Carrier.

Ultra-thin coaxial cables are widely used in notebook computers, tablet computers, digital cameras and smart phones. Since 2005, with the successive launch of 3G mobile phones, the amount of ultra-thin coaxial cables used to connect mobile phone CPUs to liquid crystal screens (LCDs) has also increased dramatically. The fierce market competition makes mobile phones constantly updated. For example: high-resolution digital cameras, global positioning system GPS, electronic money, wireless LAN, acceptable TV and animation. This allows signals of different frequencies to be mixed in a mobile phone at the same time. In order to avoid interference between each other, a transmission speed is faster, the capacity is larger, the interference resistance is stronger, the bending resistance, and the vibration resistance are superior. The ultra-thin coaxial line products are rapidly replacing the flexible circuit boards currently used.

The ultra-thin coaxial cable has low attenuation and good shielding performance. It can ensure signal transmission even in harsh environments. It is widely used in automotive global positioning systems (GPS), satellite audio radio broadcasting, notebook computers and mobile phones. Make a hidden antenna in the phone.