The main form of fluorine plastic high temperature wire

- Dec 31, 2019-

Fluoroplastic high-temperature wires are widely used because of their excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, flame retardancy, and aging resistance. Among many wire products, fluoroplastic high-temperature wires mainly have three forms.

1. Single-core wire or high-temperature wire, also known as high-temperature electronic wire. Its structure is that the inner conductor is twisted by a single or multiple strands of tin-plated or silver-plated copper wire, and the insulation is fluoroplastic, which is mainly used for compensating wires, internal wiring of electrical and electronic equipment, connecting wires or wires for lamps and lanterns.

2. Coaxial lines, such as rf coaxial line and rg coaxial line. Its structure is that the inner conductor is a single or multi-strand copper wire (tin-plated copper-silver-copper wire), the insulation and outer are made of fluoroplastic insulation, and a braided layer is added in the middle. The main type of cable is often used as a connecting cable for radio frequency cables and electronic equipment.

3. Multi-core wires are twisted together with single-core wires or coaxial wires. There are twisted and untwisted ones, which are used for industrial computer control and automation instrument control, respectively. For special occasions, Category 5 and Super Category 5 cables, data transmission, audio and video transmission, etc., this fluoroplastic cable.

It should be noted that fluoroplastic sheaths are usually used only in high-temperature working environments and special environments. When only the electrical performance is required and the ambient temperature is normal, a low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant PVC sheath is used, which can reduce production costs.