The waterproof joint of high flexible cable is introduced

- Apr 10, 2019-

The waterproof connector of high flexible cable is a kind of connection device with high safety and reliability and can be used in water. Its biggest feature is that it can play a waterproof effect, which is mainly applied in the power system and also appears in some outdoor products we use in daily life.So what should be noted in the installation and use of the waterproof connector of high flexible cable?Let us understand together below!

First of all, in choosing a suitable joint materials according to the specifications of the cable joint itself, and because now in the market full of beautiful things in eyes of cable joint, its quality is uneven, so in order to guarantee the quality and safety performance had better choose some credibility higher manufacturer product quality is good for the choose and buy of joint.


In addition, when making joints to avoid some of the humid environment, as far as possible not in a rainy day.Because once the cable joint into a certain amount of water is likely to cause short circuit phenomenon, of course, will seriously reduce its service life.Of course, before the production, it is best to carefully read the manufacturer's product manual, and it is best to plan all the production processes after a detailed list, which especially has a great impact on the cable higher than 10KV.In addition, when pressing the copper pipe, just press it into the position, and do not use brute force. After pressing, file is usually used to smooth the bump on the surface of the copper end, so as to avoid the burr left to hurt users.

Secondly, heat shrink and cold shrink cable connector also have different requirements.Generally, the former must be moved back and forth in multiple directions when using the blowtorch, while the size of the latter should be strictly in accordance with the drawings.

Finally, in order to ensure that the joint waterproof ability is higher and longer running time, it is best to use double-wall coating of insulation and heat-shrinkable sleeve, and in order to ensure that it can withstand a certain pressure, it is best to strengthen protection and insulation, generally can be used to increase the way of casing.And it is best to stagger the connection of the cable joint.

In conclusion, there are many matters needing attention in the installation and use of waterproof connector of high flexible cable.Therefore, it is better for both the construction personnel and users to carefully read the factory manual, and in the process of reading will not understand their own problems in order to solve in time, so as to avoid danger to a certain extent.