Tinned copper knowledge in wire and cable

- Oct 19, 2019-

Tin-plated copper refers to copper plated with a thin layer of tin metal, such as tinned copper wire, which has certain applications in the wire manufacturing process.

Compared with bare copper wire, tinned copper wire has the following advantages:

1. Tin plating of copper wire is mainly to prevent copper from being exposed to the air and being oxidized to form a film - patina (chemical formula CU2 (OH) 2 CO3). The conductivity of patina is very poor, which increases the resistance. Tinned copper wire prevents oxidation-reduction reaction and produces patina; it can increase heat dissipation; it can improve conductivity and improve wire performance.

2. The tin plating of the copper wire can also prevent the insulating rubber from sticking, the core is black and brittle, and the solderability is improved. Tinned copper wire is mainly used as rubber insulated mineral cable, silicone wire, Teflon wire and marine cable as the conductive core, and as the outer shield braid and brush wire of the cable.