Twisted pair main brand

- Feb 21, 2019-


The brand of AMP is the most common and most commonly used one in China. It is sold in almost every network operated store. Its biggest feature is good quality and low price. Because it is popular, it has the most fakes, and some of them can almost be faked, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Amp's Category 6 twisted pair system consists of Quantum UTP cable, Quantum modular information socket system, Quantum modular patch panel system and Quantum jumper connectors. The Quantum Category 6 system provides 200MHz bandwidth. The modular connection of UTP cables consists of a traditional 110 system or modular connection hardware without tools. The entire system will easily exceed the performance of Category 6 cabling as specified by ISO/IEC. standard.


Siemon products are often seen in integrated wiring systems. Compared with the Anpu brand, the grades are much higher, and the quality and technical characteristics are higher than the grade. Of course, the price is much higher, so It is difficult to see its application in the DIY market. Not only that, but it also provides a complete set of solutions in the integrated wiring system, including the network cable production and routing tools to be introduced later.

The Simon SYSTEM 6 system has a frequency bandwidth of more than 250MHz, and it can guarantee that all performance parameters within 250MHz meet and exceed the requirements of the six standard drafts. Simon can provide all six products (connecting hardware, cable) and system (basic Test reports for links and channels) and test certifications for third-party certification laboratories (eg DELTA, ETL).

3. Lucent

Although the Lucent brand has heard more, the twisted pair industry is still less common, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. But this is not to say that it lacks technical strength. On the contrary, it is often seen in high-end network formation. Lucent is backed by Bell Labs, and the end-to-end "six-class" cabling system SYSTIMAX designed and developed by Lucent Technologies.