Types of cables for electrical equipment

- Apr 25, 2019-

There are various types and specifications of cables for electrical equipment, which can be roughly divided into eight categories: low-voltage distribution cables, signal and control cables, instrument and equipment connection cables, means of transportation, geological resource exploration and mining, dc high-voltage cables, and special cables. In addition to a large number of general products, there are many special and special products, such as fire-resistant cables, flame retardant cables, low smoke halogen free/low smoke halogen low cable, termite proof, rat-proof cables, oil-resistant/cold-resistant/temperature-resistant/wear-resistant cables, medical/agricultural/mining cables, thin wall cables and so on.


Not only a wide variety, electrical equipment used in the cable is also widely used, a variety of industrial, agricultural, industrial and mining enterprises in the equipment used in the electrical installation line and control signal used in the wire and cable are electrical equipment used in the cable. Therefore, electrical equipment cable is one of the important components of China's wire and cable industry.