UL1330,UL1332 teflon high temperature wire

- Apr 11, 2019-

Teflon high temperature wire is a kind of wire with high performance and high temperature resistance, which is needed in many high temperature environments. According to different temperature resistance requirements, the temperature resistance grade of this ul teflon wire is also differentiated. 


Among the teflon high-temperature line products of Swell Electric, UL1330 and UL1332 have relatively high demands, which are suitable for many high-temperature occasions and have superior performance in the same type of cables.


UL1330, UL1332 heat resistance is 200 ℃, just differ in terms of pressure, UL1330 withstand voltage is 600V, and UL1332 is 300V, the performance of almost all aspects. The main performance of teflon wire is high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and has very excellent electrical insulation performance, aging resistance and cable life also has very good performance. 


There are many kinds of high-temperature wire, including PVC material, PE material, silica gel material, teflon material, etc. When users choose, they should choose suitable high-temperature wire according to their own use. Teflon high temperature wire is mainly used for internal wires of electronic products, heating wires of high temperature equipment, and wiring inside some household appliances.