What are the characteristics of irradiated PE wires (XLPE wires)

- Jan 11, 2020-

Irradiated PE wire, also known as irradiated cross-linked wire, XLPE wire, low-smoke halogen-free wire, is a new type of wire with the following characteristics:

1. Large current carrying capacity; after irradiating PE wires, the molecular structure of the material changes from linear to three-dimensional network molecular structure after high-energy electron beam irradiation, and the temperature resistance level is increased from 70 ° C to 105 ° C, which is not crosslinked. , 125 ℃, 135 ℃, even 150 ℃, 15-50% higher than the current carrying capacity of wires of the same specifications.

2. The insulation resistance is large; because the irradiated PE wire avoids the use of hydroxide as a flame retardant, it prevents the pre-crosslinking that occurs during cross-linking and the insulation layer from reducing the insulation resistance because it absorbs moisture in the air. This guarantees the insulation resistance value.

3. Long service life and strong overload capacity; due to the high heat-resistant grade and high aging temperature of the polyolefin material after irradiation cross-linking, the service life of the cable during the cycle is prolonged.

4. Environmental protection and safety; because the materials used for insulation are halogen-free environmentally friendly materials, the burning characteristics of the wires meet environmental protection requirements.

5. Product quality temperature; The quality of traditional warm-water cross-linked wires is affected by water temperature, agent technology, cross-linking additives and other factors, and the quality is unstable. The quality of irradiated cross-linked wires depends on the irradiation dose of the electron beam. The radiation dose is controlled by a computer, which reduces human factors, so the quality is stable.

In addition, the irradiated cross-linked wire is not easy to burn and has the ability to prevent or delay the spread of flame. It has a strong overload force, and because its insulating material is halogen-free, low-smoke, non-toxic, non-corrosive, etc. Releases toxic gases, mainly used in applications such as high-rise buildings, hotels, hospitals, subways, nuclear power plants, tunnels, power plants, ore, petroleum, chemical, etc.

Due to the environmental protection of irradiated PE wires, it will gradually replace PVC wires and get more and more applications.