What is Teflon wire

- Nov 19, 2019-

Teflon wire, wire for wire packaging made of Teflon material


Teflon hose (PTFE hose, PTFE bellows, Teflon bellows, TEFLON HOSE), English abbreviation PTFE, PTFE (F4, PTFE) has a series of excellent performance : high temperature resistance - long-term use temperature 200 ~ 260 degrees, low temperature resistance - still soft at -100 degrees; corrosion resistance - resistant to aqua regia and all organic solvents; weather resistance - the best aging life in plastic; high lubrication - with plastic The smallest friction coefficient (0.04); non-sticky - has the smallest surface tension in solid materials without adhering to any substance; non-toxic - physiologically inert; excellent electrical properties, is an ideal Class C insulation material. For more details, please refer to the introduction, physical properties and chemical properties of PTFE materials.

Teflon is the most resistant plastic (280°C), resistant to electricity (45KV/mm), resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, most anti-stick, slippery and wear-resistant engineering plastic materials. It is widely used in machinery and automobiles. , electronics, chemicals, valves and other parts. Teflon hoses are widely used in the chemical, instrument, electric heating, and mechanical industries. Among them, the insulating sleeves are widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical, electronic transformers, communications and other technology industries due to their high temperature and voltage resistance (300V).

The stainless steel mesh sleeve is the main pressure-bearing part of the PTFE tube installed in the pressure pipeline, and at the same time protects the PTFE tube. According to the pressure in the pipeline and the application place, one or more layers of stainless steel can be selected. The wire or steel strip is woven from a certain parameter to form a high pressure resistant Teflon hose. Stainless steel mesh sleeves are mainly available in two types: steel mesh sleeves and steel mesh sleeves. Recently, a polytetrafluoroethylene bellows capable of withstanding negative pressure has been developed. Welcome to inquire.


There are many ways to connect Teflon hoses. Generally, flange connection, oil connection, thread connection, quick connector, and direct connection with the pipe fitting can be used to fix the pipe clamp or wire. The corresponding connection method can also be provided according to the user's request. It can provide Teflon dragon bellows with DN10-150mm and length 20-20000mm. The wall thickness standard is 1.5mm-2.2mm, and the fatigue times are ≥1000 times.