What is the signal cable?

- Jun 13, 2019-

Signal cable is a signal transmission tool. General signal cable transmission signal is small, in order to avoid the interference signal, signal cable with a layer of shielding layer, outside package of conductor shielding layer, generally for conductive cloth, woven or copper (aluminum), the bronze shield to ground, external interference signal can be the layer into the earth, and avoid interference signals into the inner conductor interference at the same time reduce the wastage of the transmitted signal.


Sensor signal cable

Sensor signal cable is used for signal transmission of various sensors and instruments.

The sensor signal cable is made of tin-plated or silver-plated conductor with multi-core structure, which ensures that the resistance between each core is highly consistent and can accurately transmit weak electric signal to hundreds of meters away.

The sensor signal cable has four layers of protection, namely insulation layer, shielding layer, winding layer and sheath layer, to ensure the accurate transmission of weak power signal.

Insulation layer: similar to the physical and chemical properties of the sheath layer, the sheath, shielding mesh and winding layer can be removed in narrow environment, and can be used as a single wire.

Winding layer: winding layer is a kind of selected polymer material, mainly to prevent shielding mesh damage and insulation layer.It also enhances the overall mechanical properties of the cable.

Shielding: sophisticated metal materials (copper or tin-coated copper) must have enough bending resistance to prevent metal debris from affecting other electrical equipment.

Sheath layer: excellent mechanical properties, can withstand high strength metal impact, cutting. It has very high tensile strength and can withstand long-term repeated bending.