What is ul wire and what are its advantages?

- Oct 16, 2019-

There are many common ul electronic wires and they are mainly distinguished by insulation and sheath materials.According to the different insulation and sheath materials, mainly divided into PVC electronic wire/low smoke halogen-free electronic wire/silicone wire/teflon electronic wire.

Ul electronic wire flexible mineral insulated cable is a collection of plastic cable performance advantages, "fire" is only one of the intuitive performance.Non-combustible, flexible, explosion-proof, anticorrosive, waterproof, antimagnetic, anti-mechanical damage (including rodents), large carrying capacity, strong overload capacity, any of the performance effects are far better than plastic cable.And has very good anti - riot, can prevent the steam flame in the cable connecting parts between the passage.It is also smaller in diameter than other cables with the opposite extra current, is waterproof, is particularly durable and can be destroyed by violent machinery without damaging other electrical functions.