Which product is the RVV cable suitable for?

- Apr 25, 2019-

RVV is the most commonly used cable type among numerous national standard wires and cables, with a large market demand, and RVV is widely used.

First we RVV under the simple introduction to the basic performance, rated temperature is 70 ℃, which is used under normal temperature, is rated voltage 450/750 300/500 v, v, two kinds of pressure level, the main insulation material is PVC, the line is also very good in softness, easy when wiring installation. 


RVV wire is used more in electric equipment respect, basically concentrate at home appliance, for instance TV set, electric rice cooker, freezer, washing machine, adapter, fanner, air conditioning.In addition, in the industrial field, it mainly focuses on power supply equipment, electric control cabinet, power equipment, motor, etc. 


For many customers in the early stage of cable selection, do not know how to choose, then you can query the standard, and the requirements of the carrying capacity, finally determine the specific conductor specifications.Different power products, wiring must be accurate selection, so as not to cause subsequent safety problems. https://www.swellcable.com/