Analysis Of Market Segment Of Cable Industry

- May 08, 2019-

Power cable products are mainly used in the distribution, distribution, transmission, substation, power supply lines in the transmission of strong electric energy, often seen in the city underground power grid, power station lead lines, industrial and mining enterprises internal power supply and underwater transmission lines across the river.It can be seen that power cable plays a very important role in China's infrastructure construction. With the continuous improvement of China's infrastructure construction, power cable market has also made great progress.

However, in recent years, due to the decline of domestic power engineering investment and the overall scale of the wire and cable industry and other factors, the development of power cables has been affected to a certain extent, and the output has declined considerably.According to the national bureau of statistics, the country's power cable output has reached 49.336 million km in the year to 2017, down 13.11 percent year-on-year.Annual output is expected to stabilize in 2018 and rise back above 50 million kilometers.