Cable Line Background

- Mar 17, 2016-

Today's high-resolution video displays require high-performance cables with low signal delay and low return loss. Typically, these systems use bundled coaxial cables for cable interconnection, but due to the economics of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) versus coaxial cable, system designers switch to UTP transmission devices for RGB component video. Signal transmission. At the same time, users can use the same UTP in LAN cabling instead of using two separate cables. To meet this new requirement for video and data UTP cables, Belden has developed a new product line, the Brilliance® VideoTwistTM cable, which is available in three models: Brilliance VideoTwist NanoskewTM 7987R and 7987P, Brilliance VideoTwist 7988R and 7988P. Brilliance VideoTwist 7989R and 7989P.

Most UTPs on the market have transmission distances limited to 328-600 feet, otherwise expensive delay compensation devices are used. Depending on the parameters of the transmission equipment, Belden CDT's new VideoTwistUTP cable extends video transmission distances to 1300 feet or more, providing the best low signal delay and low return loss on the market, ensuring perfect video quality. In addition, Brilliance® VideoTwistTM cables deliver reliable performance in component video signal displays, standard Ethernet installations, and blade computing/KVM applications. Brilliance® VideoTwistTM applications span tradition and go straight to cutting-edge technology. Because of its simple configuration and support for data sharing and transmission, blade computers have facilitated good data backup management, and many companies are increasingly focusing their CPU functions on soundproof areas or rooms equipped with air conditioning systems, blade computing and KVM technology is beginning to come to the forefront. The excellent electrical characteristics of the Belden ® Brilliance VideoTwist cable allow the company to equip employees with blade computers and direct KVM functionality to standalone workstations.

Not only that, but the Brilliance VideoTwist cable also has mounting performance. UTP cables are subjected to various stresses during routine cable installations, which may result in loss of uniform spacing between conductors in the non-adhesive pair cable, or A gap occurs between the center conductors to compromise the performance of the cable. The Brilliance VideoTwist data cable uses a glued pair and does not. In this patented type of bonded wire pair structure, the conductors in each pair are bonded together without separation. As a result, accurate conductor spacing and impedance characteristics are guaranteed even after being subjected to harsh handling in a typical installation, which is the mounting performance mentioned by Belden CDT.