Cable Market Prospects And Development Direction

- May 08, 2019-

For the power cable market, in the future, the replacement rate of medium and low voltage cross-linked cables will replace PVC cables at an average annual rate of 15%-20%, and the demand for cross-linked cables will also increase by 8%-10%, while the adoption of silane cross-linked cables in lkV class wires and cables is the development direction.For gymnasiums, hospitals and high-rise business buildings, most of them use large-section low-voltage wires and cables due to high power consumption. Regarding this kind of cable, the national fire control law stipulates the use of flame-retardant cables, and now, more and more users take the initiative to use environment-friendly flame-retardant cables.

Electrical equipment with cable, due to the high grade electrical equipment cable has high technical barriers, existing in the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises in our country, about half can produce electrical equipment cable, but can provide high-grade electrical equipment cable companies accounted for only 1% of the total number of wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, the existing market high-grade electrical equipment needed for cable gap is very big, the development prospects.

From the perspective of winding line market, China is vigorously developing new energy and focusing on promoting frequency conversion motor and high-efficiency motor, among which wind power generation is the top priority, which adds new power to the development of winding line industry. In the next 3-5 years, the frequency conversion motor and efficient motor will have a big development, the required corona resistant winding wire and special high-performance winding wire production and sales will have a breakthrough development.

Finally, the three gorges project, the south-to-north water diversion project and the high-speed electrified railway are three key trans-century projects in China. In addition, the rapid development of electronic information industry, naked wire market provides a strong driving force.