Complex System Assembly Simulation With Flexible Cables

- Aug 06, 2018-

Assembly is an important part of the product life cycle. The assembly of the product directly affects its development time, cost and maintenance costs. It is one of the important performance indicators of the product and is increasingly valued by product developers. With the development of modern design concepts such as concurrent engineering and DFx, and the support technologies such as virtual reality technology and CAD technology, the virtual assembly technology with product assembly focus is more and more widely used in product development. Assembly simulation is the foundation of virtual assembly technology, which can be evaluated at the product design stage to aid assembly process planning.

Assembly simulation includes the related content of assembly object modeling, assembly process planning and assembly process simulation. The assembly object determines the assembly process, and the assembly process is the basis for the simulation of the assembly process. With the different nature of the assembly object, the above content The processing method is also different. According to the deformation of the assembly unit during the assembly process, the assembly unit can be divided into two types - a "rigid component" with a relatively fixed shape and a "flexible cable" that is easily deformed. Accordingly, the assembly object It can also be divided into two categories -- "multi-rigid system" (composed of "rigid components only") and "rigid-flexible hybrid systems" (with "rigid components and flexible cables").

For the assembly simulation of "multi-rigid body system", the corresponding assembly object modeling, assembly process planning and assembly process simulation method are relatively mature. However, for the "rigid-flexible hybrid system", the corresponding research work is rare, and mainly concentrated in two aspects: The first aspect is to study the cable routing method for cable modeling; the second aspect is to simulate the cable A cable simulation method that becomes a target. Based on the research results of cable routing and cable simulation, the "gang-flexible hybrid system" assembly process planning is carried out from the system level, and finally a complete "rigid-flexible hybrid system" assembly simulation solution is formed, which is in the product assembly simulation. Problems to be solved. Since most of the products are "rigid-flexible hybrid systems" that contain both "rigid components" and "flexible cables", the assembly simulation method has great practical value in engineering, and as a starting point, regarding cable routing. On the basis of research, a complete "rigid-flexible hybrid system" assembly simulation method is realized from the perspective of engineering application.