Development Prospect Of New Energy Charging Piles

- Apr 03, 2019-

A charging post is a power station for electric cars that functions like a tanker in a gas station.Each charging pile is equipped with a charging plug, which can be used to charge various types of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels.The charging piles of electric vehicles use ac and dc power supply, which requires the use of a special charging card. The display screen of the charging piles can display data such as charging amount, cost and charging time.

All cities with demonstration and application of new energy vehicles have plans to build large-scale charging facilities, among which Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, hefei and other cities will build charging piles on a large scale.With the introduction of the new idea of supporting charging piles in new communities by local governments, the construction of charging and changing stations (piles) and other infrastructure matched with new energy vehicles has been accelerated, so as to break through the "last kilometer" of the industrialization of new energy vehicles.