Do You Really Know UL Wire?

- Jun 13, 2019-

1. Application scope

UL 1015 electrical wires are internal connectors for electrical equipment


2. Rated temperature and voltage

Temperature resistance: 80℃, 90℃, 105℃, voltage: 600Vac, 750Vdc.


3. Flame retardant requirements:

Through UL vw-1 and CSA Ft1 vertical fire resistance test


4.UL 1015 electronic wire composition:

Including insulation layer, conductor two parts, outer layer for PVC insulation layer, PVC Chinese called polyvinyl chloride; Internal conductors shall be classified into bare copper and tin-plated copper according to the standard.


5. Product requirements

It must pass UL vw-1 and CSA Ft1 vertical fire resistance test with uniform insulation thickness


06. Product application

A. Single bare copper: it is usually used for fixed laying (such as pipe line and t-type fluorescent lamp holder).It is more convenient to connect with line joints and equipment. Multi-strand copper wires usually need to be pressed or welded.

B, multi-strand wire, copper wire is soft, it is suitable for the lead to follow sports occasions (such as motor, electric cabinets, power distribution boxes, instrumentation, charger, audio, medical equipment, toys, household appliances) and various wire laying together (easy to wire and wire laying beam forming) relative to the single strand wire, much more strands of wire is used to control the route.

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