Environment-friendly Cable Is The Trend Of Future Development

- Apr 12, 2019-

Energy conservation and environmental protection is the trend of future development. The concept of energy conservation and environmental protection is strongly supported by people, and this trend gradually permeates into all walks of life.In the future, enterprises without environmental protection cannot survive. From food and clothing to housing and transportation, people advocate green environmental protection.Now the wire and cable industry has begun to pay attention to environmental protection cable research and development and promotion.


Environment-friendly cable with high flame retardant, halogen free, low mycin, no corrosive gas, high light transmittance, uv protection, etc.

1. High flame retardancy:

Environmental protection cable is to meet the requirements of high environmental protection of buildings, when a fire is not easy to burn environmental protection cable, and can prevent the spread of fire after the fire and disaster expansion.

2. Halogen free:

The use of green environmental protection insulation layer, sheath and special oxygen insulation material, not only has good electrical performance, physical and mechanical properties, and ensure that the environmental protection cable does not contain halogen, in order to solve its combustion form "secondary pollution", to avoid the traditional PVC wire combustion produce carcinogenic "dioxin" substances.

3. Low toxin:

Insulation and sheath do not contain lead, cadmium and other harmful heavy metals, in the use and disposal of environmentally friendly cables will not cause pollution to soil, water.After strict toxicity test, the rats were still safe under the specified experimental conditions.

4. No corrosive gas:

The use of environmental protection and non-pollution new special coating materials, production, use and combustion process will not produce toxic gases, such as HCL, produce very little acid gas, personnel and equipment, damage is small, environmental protection is stronger.

5. High light transmittance:

The smoke generated by the combustion is extremely thin, which is conducive to evacuation and fire fighting. The light transmittance of environment-friendly cables is more than 40%, which is far higher than the standard of 20% or less for traditional flame-retardant cables.

6. High protection against uv or water:

This kind of performance can make the environmental protection cable is not easy to be weathered in use, slow down the environmental protection cable aging speed, and extend its service life.