Fluoroplastic High Temperature Wire Standard

- Dec 15, 2019-

Compared to PVC wires, silicone wires, fluoroplastic high-temperature wires are a new type of wire. Many people do not know the standard of fluoroplastic high-temperature wires. During the reception, many customers will ask: Is there a 3C standard. Here, the high temperature wire manufacturers explain to you what are the standards for fluoroplastic high temperature wires.

There are two specific standards for fluoroplastic high-temperature wires: UL standards and VDE standards. So far, the domestic 3C certification does not have a fluoroplastic high temperature line standard. Therefore, the fluoroplastic high temperature line does not require 3C certification. Fluoroplastic high-temperature wire was originally used in developed countries and belongs to special wires. Now it has been widely used in developed countries. Therefore, Europe and the United States have developed special standards for fluoroplastic high-temperature wires. UL758 is UL's standard for electronic wires. Fluoroplastic high-temperature wires follow the UL758 standard. UL758 specifies various specifications such as the size of AWG conductors and wire diameters in fluoroplastic high-temperature wires. The VDE standard uses VDE0250. Like the UL758 standard, VDE0250 specifies the specifications of the cross-sectional area of the conductor and the size of the wire diameter.