How To Detect High Temperature Wires

- Nov 16, 2019-

High-temperature wire, as a special type of wire and cable, is particularly important to test its performance in the production process. The high temperature line manufacturers use their many years of manufacturing experience to detail every process of high temperature line inspection.

In general, the quality of the high temperature line mainly depends on the five major factors of raw materials, production equipment, production technology, manufacturing technology and inspection. Among them, whether the raw materials are good or bad, whether they are processed according to process requirements, whether there are any quality problems in the manufacturing process, and whether the final products meet the requirements must be found through inspection.

There are three major links in the detection of high temperature lines by high temperature line factories:

The first is raw material inspection, the second is process inspection, and the third is finished product inspection. Do not think that inspection is the job of the inspector. In fact, the process inspection is divided into two parts. One is the inspector inspects the semi-finished product in the process production. The other important link is the self-inspection and mutual inspection by the operator. The inspector may only be able to detect surface phenomena, and the self-inspection and mutual inspection of the operator is the fundamental guarantee of product quality. As soon as the operator finds a quality problem in the production process, he can immediately judge whether it is good or bad. If he cannot judge it, he can ask the inspector or related technical staff to do it. Therefore, a qualified operator must not only be proficient in operating the equipment, but also familiar with the quality requirements of the product to be produced, and will check whether the product quality meets the process requirements.


Although it is said that the product quality is manufactured, for the special wire of high temperature wire, manufacturing is fundamental and inspection is the key.