How To Identify The Authenticity Of Fluoroplastic High Temperature Wire

- Nov 12, 2019-

Fluoroplastic high temperature wire is favored by more and more customers because of its excellent performance of flame retardant and high temperature resistance. However, the material cost and production cost of fluoroplastic high temperature wire are higher than silicone wire and PVC wire, so it is bad. Wire manufacturers have brought many business opportunities.

High temperature wire manufacturers support you: how to identify the authenticity of fluoroplastic high temperature wire

First, the simplest and most straightforward way to identify the authenticity of fluoroplastic high-temperature wires is to use a lighter to burn the outer skin of fluoroplastic wires. Real fluoroplastic wires cannot be burned because fluoroplastics are flame-retardant. In addition, it can be preliminarily identified from the softness of the wires. The fluoroplastic wires have poor softness. Relatively soft silicone wires and PVC wires, the fluoroplastic wires are relatively hard, and the surface of the sheath is relatively shiny.

Generally, the authenticity of fluoroplastics can be identified from the above two physical methods, while more professional methods can measure high-quality fluoroplastic high-temperature lines through temperature resistance tests, tensile strength and other detection methods.