Introduction To Electronic Lines

- Jan 02, 2016-

The electronic wires circulating in the market are divided into three series of wires: UL standard, 3C standard, and VDE standard. The AWG is generally a UL standard, and the ** square is generally a 3C standard or a VDE standard. Domestic electronics Line manufacturers mainly focus on the two standards of 3C and UL.


The specific way of distinguishing is mainly reflected in the difference in printing:

3C standard: CCC A0438****227 IEC 08(90) 300/500V **mm GB4035 5-1997 SHENGPAI

UL standard: E249743 AWM 1007 **AWG 80°C 300V VW-1 CHENGXING AWM I I A **awg 80°C 300V FT1

VDE standard: VDE H05V-K 300V/500V **mm NR.485***23 SHENGPAI