Selection Of Home Improvement Environmental Protection Wire

- Jan 09, 2020-

Today, when everyone talks about environmental protection and environmental protection, what kind of electrical wire would you choose for home improvement environmental protection wire? PVC wires? Irradiated PE wires (low-smoke halogen-free wires)? According to surveys, in the past few years, when choosing home improvement wires, people often think of environmental protection, durability, safety and reliability, and no longer the idea of price. In some developed coastal cities, many people already use irradiated PE wires (low-smoke halogen-free wires) as home improvement wires. So, what is the difference between low-smoke halogen-free wires and traditional PVC wires?

1. Service life: ordinary PVC wire: 10 years, irradiated PE wire: 70 years.

2. In the process of using ordinary PVC wire, it will slowly release serious carcinogens of vinyl chloride monomer, and have a strange smell.

3. In the event of a fire, the PVC wires will emit black smoke when burning, and release toxic gases, causing life hazards. Irradiated PE wires have a small amount of smoke, are non-toxic and will not cause harm.

4. Use long-life, low-smoke, halogen-free and environmentally friendly wires to make home improvement wires, which not only protects the health of the family, but also reduces replacement costs, so it is more and more popular among home improvement users.