The Future Trend Of Cable Industry

- Mar 22, 2019-

According to the analysis of current development status of cable industry, in the next few years, China's cable industry will present the following development trends.

1. The main growth point of cable industry will be special wires and cables.Compared with ordinary cable, special cable has the advantages of higher technical content, stricter application environment and longer service life.With the transformation of traditional enterprises and the progress of science and technology, the demand of special wire and cable for drag-chain cable continues to increase.Therefore, the development of special wire and cable potential.

2. Develop the application field of modern traffic wires and cables.High-speed railway, urban rail transit, cars, ships and aircraft and other means of transport, are the future development of cable companies are the field.

3. Improvement of r&d and innovative technologies.Due to the increasingly high requirements of various industries on the cable and cable supporting industry, cable and cable enterprises must make breakthroughs in innovation, improve the research and development system, and improve their comprehensive ability and technical strength, so as to promote the overall development of the entire cable and cable industry.

4. Change of strategy from price to brand marketing, etc.Price war is no longer the main strategy of cable industry development, brand and network marketing will gradually become the main competitive factors.Therefore, in the future, we should continuously enhance brand awareness, expand marketing channels and other ways, so as to form a high-end market competitiveness.