The Use Of Ultra-thin Coaxial Cable

- Dec 23, 2019-

Manufacturers of ultra-thin coaxial lines feel that ultra-thin coaxial lines are generated with the miniaturization of electronic products. Because electronic products are small and light, they directly determine the "shape" of internal accessories. With the realization of intelligence, the application of ultra-thin coaxial lines is becoming more and more widespread.

The maximum use of ultra-thin coaxial cable is for wireless signal transmission, which is mainly used in wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, Bluetooth devices, GPS locators and wireless routers. The signal transmission between wireless devices, and the transmission between wireless and limited devices, have achieved very good "interaction" because of the extremely thin coaxial line. Because most of the ultra-thin coaxial cables are used in electronic products, the most important features of ultra-thin coaxial cables are light weight, small size, easy to bend, and high temperature resistance.