Trends In The Wire And Cable Industry

- Mar 20, 2019-

With the development of domestic economy and science and technology, the industrialization of wire and cable industry has become more mature. At present, many domestic manufacturers still mainly rely on the domestic sales of wire and cable products, and the overall demand has increased, but the export of wire and cable accounts for less. 


With the continuous improvement of the quality of electrified products in all walks of life, the requirements for wire and cable parts are becoming more and more diversified, such as customized and over standard.Such a number of demand for domestic manufacturers is relatively blank, because the domestic raw materials involved in the characteristics have not reached the international advanced level, so in high-end products supporting the cable did not take up the market. 


Large foreign cable manufacturers have advantages in high-end customized cable manufacturing and are positioned to provide complete solutions. Industrial manufacturing will be the ultimate development of industrial automation, so China's cable industry is facing a new starting point.