What Are The Coaxial Cable And How To Choose The Right Coaxial Cable?

- Dec 27, 2019-

Coaxial cables can be divided into baseband coaxial cables and broadband coaxial cables in terms of use. In general, they are divided into network coaxial cables and video coaxial cables. At present, the commonly used baseband cables have a shielding layer made of copper and have a characteristic impedance of 50, such as RG-8, RG-58, etc .; the shielding layer of cables commonly used for broadband coaxial cables is usually stamped with aluminum. Yes, the characteristic impedance is 75, such as RG-59. According to the diameter of the coaxial cable, it is divided into: thick coaxial cable and thin coaxial cable. Thick cable is suitable for relatively large local networks. It has a long standard distance and high reliability, but it is difficult to install, so the overall cost is high, such as RG-11. Conversely, thin cable installation is relatively simple and low cost, such as RG- 58. No matter what kind of coaxial cable, the structure is the same: inner conductor, insulation layer, shield layer and outer cover.

With the advancement of technology, products are focused on precision and thinness, and coaxial cables are no exception.

When choosing a coaxial cable, the customer must grasp the environment in which the cable is applied: such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, etc. In addition, the transmission performance requirements and specific actual conditions must be understood clearly. Only by grasping these conditions When we communicate with the coaxial cable manufacturer, we can choose the right coaxial cable for you.