What Is An Electronic Wire?

- Jan 13, 2020-

I believe many people will wonder: what is the electronic wire? How is it different from ordinary wires? The electronic wire is introduced in detail below for you.

Electronic wire (ELECTRONIC WIRE) is generally used for weak current projects, such as internal wiring of electronics and electrical equipment. The structure of the electronic wire is generally:

1. The conductor adopts American wire gauge 14-30AWG tinned soft copper wire and electrical soft copper wire with a cross-section of 0.3mm2-2.0mm2. There are three types of conductors: stranded conductor, solid conductor, OS-1 (TCW) conductor

2. Insulation materials mainly use high-performance heat-resistant PVC insulation materials (soft, semi-rigid, and hard), XLPE halogen-free insulation materials, and Teflon materials.

3. Uniform insulation thickness, easy to peel and cut

Electronic wires are mainly used in the electronics industry. A common name different from civilian wires. Electronic wires can be divided into PVC, SRPVC, XLPE electronic wires, UL-certified electronic wires, low-smoke halogen-free electronic wires, and iron fluoride according to the material classification. Long electronic wire and so on.